Surveys of Meetings and Events Professionals constantly rank accessibility as the No. 1 criteria for destination selection and, in this regard, Bratislava is surprisingly close. You
can get to Slovakia ́s capital in 40 minutes from Vienna airport, or in 20 minutes from Bratislava airport to the city centre. And when you’re there you’ll find yourself in a
safe, easy-to-get-around, buzzy, compact city where old town beauty and modern urbanity sit side by side.

Bratislava is also an exceptionally smart city with a pulsating start-up eco-system and a stellar global reputation as an innovation hub.
The sheer size of the market and a population of five million people makes Slovakia a perfect breeding ground for new
ideas and testing new products. This is also why Slovaks have one of the fastest internet connections in Europe, letting you surf at 17
Mbps. Meeting professionals know the importance of exceptional execution. Strategies and plans are always essential but without great
execution, they’re useless. Without precision, attention to detail and total focus, great strategies go awry and brilliant plans come
to nothing. Global automotive leaders like Volkswagen (Volkswagen Slovakia is producing five car makes „under one roof“),
Peugeot Citroën, KIA and Jaguar Land Rover have all opted to locate their massive plants around the city because for them precision,
attention to detail and focus are non-negotiable. You see exceptional execution is part of the DNA of Bratislava – you can rest
assured that your meetings and events are in safe hands!

The Bratislava Convention Bureau, as a department of the official Destination Marketing Organization, the Bratislava
Tourist Board, is a one-stop-shop for planners of meetings, incentives, congresses and
events who are considering Bratislava as a destination. Providing a full range of services for buyers of MICE, BTB also co-ordinates,
initiates and manages all aspects concerning the development of MICE and Business Events in our destination.

We provide the following services:

initial event planning - hotel and venue recommendations

advisory, local expertise and consultancy for MICE organizers

active networking platform arrangements of site-inspections based on customer

promotional materials and digital imagery


Almost a half million population, capital of the Slovak Republic since 1993, part of the European Union since 2004 and whose official currency is the Euro;

Only capital in the world located on the border of three countries - Slovakia, Austria and Hungary, and the closest to another capital - Vienna;

Historically called Pressburg, Pozsony, Prešporok, it was the capital of the Kingdom of Hungary from 1536 to 1783;

Known for the “BRATISLAVA PROMENADE”, streets lined with numerous original cafés and with a special atmosphere;

Coronation town of the Hungarian kings of the House of Habsburg between the years 1563 – 1830, where 11 kings and 7 royal spouses were crowned in the St. Martin’s
Cathedral, among them also Maria Theresa in 1741;

Its compact historical centre still has many architectural signs of its royal past - beautiful mansions and family villas of world-famous artists, architects and inventors such as Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Liszt, Ludwig von Beethoven, Bela Bartók, Joseph Haydn, Rudolf von Laban, Franz Xaver Messerschmidt, Arthur
Fleischmann, Wolfgang von Kempelen and Johann Andreas Segner;

Remarkable legacies from the Communist era in Petržalka, Central Europe’s largest neighbourhood of housing estates. Historically called Engerau;

Surrounded by vineyards producing quality wine that can be tasted at stylish wine bars scattered across the city centre and at typical cellars in Rača, Devín and Vajnory neighbourhoods, all which offer a fantastic culinary experience;

An environmentally-friendly and green city on the Danube with unspoilt natural treasures and protected natural habitats of European significance.


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